For our piercings, we feature the highest quality of 316LVM grade sugical stainless steel or titanium. We also offer a nice variety of other metals and gemset jewelry.

We have a wide variety of aftercare products available for purchase that will aid in the healing process. Your piercer will discuss the procedure and prescribe what is best for you to use for your particular piercing.

Browse through examples of our work by clicking on a piercer below to view their portfolios.

Piercer Wanted

The ideal candidate for this position has 1 or more years previous piercing experience, knows and abides by Blood Bourne Pathogens Universal Precautions Standards, have proven customer service skills, an engaging and upbeat personality, and he or she must be driven and have exceptional verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

The ideal candidate helps promote all aspects of the business, which includes buying, selling, pricing, and merchandising. Has a positive Social Media presence and makes daily marketing posts. He or she promotes a high level of customer service by ensuring customers are helped in an enthusiastic, timely, and knowledgeable manner, not judged or made to buy something they don’t need.

Is drug and drama free. Does not gossip or spread rumors...